Mission Amathole

January 2010 LDWB in South Africa As a member of LUCI association, LDWB takes part in a project led by the city of Glasgow (UK) for Amathole district (East London, South Africa) as part of the Light Links contest organized by LUCI and Thorn Lighting, specialist of industrial lighting systems. This contest allows one city from a wealthy country to volunteer and provide help to a disadvantaged city and realize an urban lighting project. The manufacturer offers 20 000€ in equipmen...

Mission Haiti


  • Mission Amathole

  • Mission Haiti

Light is a source of comfort. Light is a factor of economic and social development. Our mission as lighting designers consists in controlling artificial and natural light in order to create quality lighting where people live and work. We chose to use our competencies to help precarious countries and populations.

A new investment in lighting

The humanitarian association Lighting Designers Without Borders was created in 2007, after some questions and facts emerged.

Three questions

o How can lighting designers meet lighting needs expressed by disadvantaged populations?

o What role can lighting play in crisis or post-emergency situations?

o What actions can be developed to help and support these populations?


One observation

Humanitarian lighting design can :

o Help to create a safe public space, encouraging social bonding in developing countries.

o Support populations in crisis, thanks to lighting atmosphere.

Passing on competencies while respecting local cultures

Voluntary and multidisciplinary teams can :

o  Support the emergence of local lighting cultures

o Pass on their competencies with training and consulting

o  Help designing eco-friendly lighting, respecting energy resources

o Help the development of cheap products without cost-effectiveness issues

o Search for fundings to support their projects


North and South

The association gives priority to actions taking place in southern developing countries. We also take action in deprived urban areas or northern countries, where lighting design is overlooked and overpriced.

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